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My first blog~!
Thursday, 19 April 2012 ? 1 Different world ?
Hello, cheeps!

So, are you happy today??Ouh~! I am not very happy today b'cause I must school tomorrow~! Well, actually Saturday is weekend..
But, i must go to school and learn something new~!
Well, seriously.. I like school.. I love school.. //oh really?? i don't think so pupil likes to go school

Yes~! I am not scamming you! Well, back to the main topic.. My first blog~! This is not my first blog~! But this is my fifth blog,okay! You know what.. This is new blog! That's why i didn't have followers.. //this girl wants you to follow her blog..Yeah! Correct, haha! So, interest with my blog? Follow.. Muahhh!!

This is the link of my first blog, okay! follow okay! thanks~!

What? My second blog?? Ouh! I'm sorry.. I had deleted the second, third and fourth b'cause the blog is very messy and very ugly.. Uhuk~

Okay~ bye to you all! Thank you.. //waiting for next post..

Oh well.. thank you~!

Thanks for reading :) Follow my blog,okay~!

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